TV Shows Top 5 Horror TV Shows Running on Hulu

Top 5 Horror TV Shows Running on Hulu

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Horror is not everyone’s cup of tea. Along with interest, one is going to need a whole lot of guts. Horror movies were a thing, but there is an entirely new pile of horror shows after the TV series’ emergence. Hulu is home to some of the best horror shows. You can binge-watch these scary shows all at the same streaming platform.

American Horror Story

American Horror Story show Poster

One of the most popular horror TV shows is the American Horror Story. The show has multiple anthologies and is successfully running for nine years now. There are a total of 103 episodes to this date, with actual events inspiring most of the stories. The best part of the show is that no season connects with the other. One can watch any season anytime.

Castle Rock

Horror Tv Show Castle Rock Poster

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One of the other shows on the list which is becoming an anthology is Castle Rock. Stephen King loosely inspires the setting and characters of the show. Season one of the show takes place in Maine, which is the imaginary town of Castle Rock. The show consists of a total of 20 episodes, with each episode carrying a different storyline altogether. The only thing in common with all the episodes and characters is their setting and inspiration. After a successful season one, the show has come out with a second season.

The Terror

 The Terror Poster

Dan Simmons is the writer of the book with the same name adapting this TV show. The story goes back to 1845 when Captain Sir John Franklin goes on an expedition to the artic. Due to the frozen waters and low temperatures in the artic, ships are stuck during the journey. Now all the passengers on board have to survive before reaching their destination. The show has only one season airing but is soon coming out with a second part. The second part is about the Japanese-American community in World War II.

The Twilight Zone

Rod Sterling is the creator of this anthology television horror series. The show is popular due to the variety it offers from black comedy, psychological thriller, fantasy, absurdism to science fiction, dystopian fiction, suspense, and even supernatural drama. Most of the episodes end on a moral note, which is something unique for horror shows. The Twilight zone’s first premiere was in 1959, and the complete first season, shot in black and white, is still a success. It has a total of four series with varying seasons and multiple episodes. The latest one streaming on Hulu has two seasons and 20 episodes.

The Strain

This horror show is the perfect blend of old-fashioned fear of vampirism with the modern global pandemic. The story starts with all the passengers of a flight mysteriously dead. Concerned authorities ask Dr. Ephraim Goodweather of New York to investigate the death of the passengers. His team identifies a strain of viral infection in the dead people, causing havoc globally. The Strain has ties to traditional vampirism, and the story follows from there. The show has a total of four seasons with 46 episodes.

Horror shows are a rage at the moment. The genre itself is a very interesting topic for people today, and if you are someone who enjoys horror, you will undoubtedly enjoy watching these series mentioned above.

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