Gaming Battlefield 6 Gameplay, Story, Release Date, and Latest Updates

Battlefield 6 Gameplay, Story, Release Date, and Latest Updates


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So for now, there’s not a lot of official information to go on when it comes to the next Battlefield game, including when it comes to its release date. We know a few concrete facts, though DICE is working on the game and putting more resources into the project in recent months.

Fans got a brief look at the likes of FIFA 21 and Madden NFL 21, as well as deep dives into Star Wars Squadrons, The Sims, Apex Legends, Lost in Random, and Rocket Arena.

Chief Studios Officer Laura Miele said: “We are creating epic battles at a scale and fidelity, unlike anything you’ve experienced before.”

Fortunately, we have access to the treats of a short glimpse of what to expect from Battlefield 6 at EA Play 2020, where EA and Dice revealed some brief clips of the next Battlefield game. There’s not much to pick apart here, but we can see a vast and epic battle take place and soldiers falling as they charge the Battlefield.

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There’s also a facial animation and modelling of a man, probably a soldier. Although it doesn’t give any story or gameplay details away, it is an impressive capture that DICE rightly wants to show off.

Battlefield 6 Release Date

EA Play 2020, DICE showcased teaser images of the progress on Battlefield 6.

The teaser the image is not much to go off. It does at least ensure fans the game is making grounds in development. Battlefield 6 is likely to release in November 2021, an assumption based on previous release patterns. Although writing dates on this is topic is difficult. 

In the recent news from the Battlefield, the camp is recruiting a Core Community Manager in Stockholm to look after the franchise. They’re likely going to start with the marketing campaign and strategy very soon, so we could have an announcement soon.

Its new game shall come between April 2021 and March 2022, and the publisher confirmed during its Q2 FY20 earnings call on Tuesday. 

Battlefield 6 Latest Updates

Everyone awaits the game as one of the largest and popular games for playing and supporting different platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, and Microsoft Windows. Hence, a long time to release.

Battlefield 6 games shall have great graphics, new maps with new weapons and equipment.

So, DICE has long been a specialist at spectacular graphical fidelity from consoles, so Battlefield 6 is likely to be an envelope-pusher on the graphics side of things. Indeed, it is in the realm of sound design. 

Battlefield 6 Gameplay

For gameplay, it can make a few more leaps. Its know that Battlefield’s core formula is unlikely to change so that you can expect big maps, big player counts, and vehicles aplenty. DICE showed at this year’s EA Play looks like it promises just that.

Featuring a large building collapsing, and white box footage of hundreds of soldiers on-screen at once, it’s an exciting glimpse of things to come for Battlefield fans. 

Sources tell us that increasing the player-count for gamers is a priority at Dice right now.

It shall challenge all the new generation online multiplayer shooting game after releasing and available in the marketplace.

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