5 Movies to Watch If You Liked Lion King Series

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Animated characters are not only a vital part of our childhood but also are something of greater importance as we grow up. Understanding these characters and relating to them on a much deeper level as we grow is not weird at all. The Lion King series is an all-time favourite for many. The story of how Simba fights for his deceased father, Mufasa, and his kingdom is truly inspiring. Similarly, a few other animated movies are a beautiful memory in our lives, making us feel a tingling sensation every time.


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Produced by DreamWorks Animation, Madagascar comprises of multiple movies in its name. All of them with interesting stories but the same characters. The story starts with how four mischievous animals, with some penguins’ help, flee from the New York central zoo escape. What makes it more interesting is that the penguins were not intentionally helping out the animals to run away. All of them finally end up in Madagascar. It is the perfect animation movie one can watch on family night.

The Book of Life

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It is a 3D musical animated movie with drama, fantasy, romance, comedy, and adventure, a complete package. The story starts with three friends, Manolo, Maria, and Joaquin, which will turn into a love triangle as they grow up. The gods make a bet on who Maria will marry, and accordingly, the events of the movie fall into place. Even though the film is full of fantasy, it is a joy ride. A museum tour guide named Mary Beth narrates the story to a group of school detention students.

Finding Dory

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With a release in 2016, this movie is a spin-off to Finding Nemo (2003). It is a heartwarming movie of a blue tang fish, Dory, who is amnesiac. She separates from her parents as a child and cannot remember much about them due to short term memory loss. Dory meets Marlin, a clownfish who is in search of Nemo, his son. Dory and Marlin together find Nemo and are living on the reef together. Life was nothing different for them, but Dory gets a flashback of her parents one day. After that, she embarks on the journey to reunite with them.


Produced by Walt Disney animation studios, Moana is the story of a strong-headed teenager who embarks on an adventure. Moana lives on an island with her parents happily. Her father is the chief of all the people living on the island. But somehow, in the coming years, the fish, plants, and trees start dying, and Moana has to find a way. She goes out into the ocean to find Maui, who is a mythical demigod. Maui’s acts create troubles for everyone with Te Fiti, the goddess providing everything to humans. Moana finds a way out, goes against her father, and saves her people.

The Jungle Book

The adaptations of this movie are from the famous novel by Rudyard Kipling. It is a live-action adventure movie telling the story of a young boy with the name Mowgli. In India’s jungles, a panther finds an infant and brings him to a pack of wolves. The wolves bring up Mowgli like their own, teaching him tips and tricks to survive in the jungle. As Mowgli grows up, his paths cross with Sher Khan, a Bengal tiger. Sher Khan killed Mowgli’s father and wants to kill him too. But with the support of the animals in the forest, Mowgli somehow manages to defeat Sher Khan.

The animation movies are entirely fictitious but completely enthralling.

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