When will Season 5 of Money Heist La Casa de Papel be Back on Netflix?

Money Heist Netflix Poster

La Casa de Papel or better known as Money Heist, was the most trending Netflix series of this year. The non-English (Spanish) series turned out to be a refreshing enjoyment for the viewers. The show has an 8.4 rating on IMDb and a 93% Rotten Tomatoes score. It has also scored an International Emmy Award for Best Drama Series. The show has already aired four parts and will reportedly air the fifth part, which is also going to be the finale of the series. Let’s dive in to find out more about Money Heist season 5, its release date, cast and crew, known plot, and other details about the show.

When will it Release and Where?

The show initially had only 15 episodes on a Spanish network called Antena 3. But in late 2017, Netflix acquired the rights to the show and re-cut the series into 22 episodes, which had two parts. The first part came in December 2017 and the second part in April 2018. Netflix renewed the show for a third and fourth part, both having eight episodes. Netflix renewed the show again for a fifth and final season in July 2020.

The fifth part of the show will have ten episodes, and the shooting is in process. The shooting locations for the show are Spain, Denmark, and Portugal. There is no official release date yet, but we will get to know about it once the shooting finishes. The show will be available to stream on Netflix.

Who are all in Season 5 and the new Faces?

Created by Alex Pina and directed by Jeśus Colmenar, the show is on fifth gear for its final season. These are the actors who will reportedly reprise their role for the upcoming season.

  • Ursula Corbero as Tokyo
  • Alvaro Morte as El Professor
  • Itziar Ituno as Lisbon
  • Miguel Herran as Rio
  • Jaime Lorente as Denver
  • Esther Acebo as Stockholm
  • Darko Peric as Helsinki
  • Enrique Arce as Arturo Romano

What could fans expect to see? (SPOILERS)

The show is about a group of robbers, each with a specialty in a certain skill, who plans to pull the biggest heist in Spain. Led by a criminal mastermind called Professor, the group goes through all types of risks and dangers to become millionaires. The group scores a win in the first two-parts, where they successfully rob the Royal Mint of Spain and part ways.

However, in the next two parts, the group reunites to save the life of their previous member Rio, who is in the custody of the police. In order to do so, they plan to rob The Bank Of Spain. The series takes us to an emotional journey with the backstory of the heist, which was initially the idea of Berlin.

Although now the risk is big, and the reward is bigger. As we saw in the last episode, things have started going downhill for the group. Nobody knows what other tricks the Professor has kept to save the group and himself.

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