Top 5 Space Movies Like Nolan’s Interstellar

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Space is an entirely new world for all of us. Everything about space is so exciting and thrilling, and the movies today are doing a great job depicting it.

It is one of the best space movies and with an engaging storyline. But there are a few more films that fall in the same league. You will enjoy each of them and present to you five such films that are on par with Nolan’s Interstellar.

The Martian

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One of the most popular space movies of 2015 featuring Matt Damon as an astronaut of NASA who is dead in the eyes of his crew because of a fierce storm. He is all alone on the planet, with insufficient supplies. His mission was to survive on Mars alone, but due to no contact with Earth, he has to stay alive for the next four years, which is until the next mars mission. Meanwhile, on Earth, the NASA satellites recognize his activity, and everyone knows that he is alive. They start doing everything they can to help the deserted astronaut survive until any help reaches him. Finally, after a lot of struggle and turns in the story, the astronaut comes home.

Apollo 13

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The movie stars famous actors like Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, Kevin Bacon, Gary Sinise, and Ed Harris. The story starts with an astronaut, Jim Lovell, and his wife Marilyn, watching the Apollo 8 mission’s footages. Lovell decides that he wants to go to the moon again and does everything to be able to. He starts training with two other colleagues to go for the USA’s fifth mission to the moon on Apollo 13. During the journey, there is an unwanted explosion that causes lives to be at risk. There is a reduced oxygen supply on board, and a successful mission turns into a struggle. The lives of the three astronauts are at high risk, and it becomes a rescue mission. The nail-biting experience makes it worth watching.


The story revolves around Dr. Ellie Arroway, who works for the SETI and listens to radio transmissions hoping to find any evidence of life in space. The authorities at SETI think this is all just a futile attempt, whereas the owner of Hadden industries that a billionaire corporation run by S. R. Hadden supports her mission. After four years of effort, Ellie receives continuous signals which are similar. The radio signals are from Vega, which is a star and 26 light-years ahead of Earth. Once the signal starts registering, other surprising events follow.

The Right Stuff

The movie focuses on 15 years of the space programs conducted in America. The novel, written by Tom Wolfe, served as inspiration for this movie. The people involved in the achievements by NASA initially seemed frustrated with how things are because most of it is also very dangerous. Along with depicting the lives of these astronauts on a personal level, their family lives are equally in distress. It was a time of innovations with political disturbance and multiple changes in Mercury Seven astronauts’ lives.


The movie is a science fiction thriller featuring Sandra Bullock as Dr. Ryan Stone and George Clooney as Matt Kowalski. Ryan is a medical engineer under the command of Matt, who is an astronaut. Matt is retiring and is preparing for his last flight. In the meantime, during a spacewalk, the shuttle for which Ryan is in charge destroys in a disaster. They realize that they do not have a way out and no one to contact. The story further evolves with the duo discovering further into space to save their lives somehow.

You may or may not get to take a trip to the moon or space, but these movies will give you a feel of it. Even though they are full of fantasy and science fiction, many storylines adapt from real-life stories.

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