5 Movies to Watch If You Loved Love Story of Titanic

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If you have liked the Classic tale of Titanic, then you are emotional, caring, and like to watch movies that are heartwarming and romantic at the same time. The duo of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet did justice to the characters of Jack and Rose in Titanic, telling their love story through an aged rose played by who has never forgotten her first love. We have brought you a list of five such movies that you will hopefully enjoy as much as you did with Titanic.

Love Actually

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As the writer and director of this beautiful movie released in 2003, Richard Curtis has an IMDb rating of 7.6. The film is unique to cover various stories and characters while giving the viewers a complete drama, comedy, romance, and emotions. Love, in its most complex forms where the hesitance between co-workers, the love of a sibling, love outside marriage, everything is represented beautifully in the movie. In this story, couples living in England and a month before Christmas, making the festivities even more exciting. The film has given love an entirely new meaning. There are famous actors such as Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Alan Rickman, Rowan Atkinson, etc.

The Notebook

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This movie is the perfect old school romantic drama with a hint of the military in it. The film starts with two patients at a nursing home, with one of them who has dementia. Duke tells a love story to his fellow resident reading from a Notebook. It revolves around a poor boy, Noah, and a rich girl, Allie, who fall in love but do not get Allie’s parents’ approval due to Noah’s status. Ryan Gosling plays the character of Noah with Rachel McAdams as Allie. After the non-acceptance from Allie’s parents, Noah goes on to fight in the second world war. In the meantime, Allie meets a young and wealthy lawyer. Over the years, they engage, and on the occasion of Allie’s marriage, Noah returns to their hometown. Amongst the chaos, Allie decides that her first love will always be Noah, and she returns to him to rekindle their relationship.

A walk To Remember

This movie’s inspiration is from one of the other novels by Nicholaus Sparks on this list with The notebook. The book is of the same name as the movie and is especially for Sparks’ sister, Danielle. It is a beautiful coming of age story of Shane West as Landon Carter, and Mandy Moore as Jamie Sullivan. Landon is a naughty kid in high school, and an act of his injures a boy seriously. The principal offers Landon two options- to expel him or be a part of social service activities as punishment. Landon chooses to serve in various activities where he ends up meeting Jamie. They fall in love, and despite Jamie’s Leukemia, they marry. After her death, Landon embraces her love forever.

500 Days Of Summer

The movie is in the form of a non-linear narrative that shows jumps between a span of 500 days of the relationship between Tom & Summer. Tom is a complete romantic who is in a relationship with Summer, who does not believe in love. Tom’s dedication towards Summer is so strong that he thinks she is the only one for him. Summer leaves Tom in a state of shock when she dumps him. In the process, he cannot go through the breakup and falls into depression, quits his job, and deals with emotional outbursts. Later on, Tom discovers his passion for architecture and proceeds with it. The story’s final twist is fulfilling and mature, giving you the satisfaction that true love does exist.


The movie is about the fantasy romance story of a couple who were madly in love with each other. When some goons murder the man, he becomes a spirit. Then he returns to save his woman from the bad guys. Sam takes the help of a psychic to tell molly that she might be in trouble. Even though the story is a fantasy but depicts that love exists in the afterlife. It symbolizes that love will come to save you from even the darkest places.

So grab some popcorn and Cola to binge-watch, embracing all of the movies as mentioned above of love. They are sure to warm your heart and leave you craving for a soulmate. Keep a handkerchief handy too!

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