5 Best Movies Twilight Fans Must Watch

Twilight Movie Poster

Vampires, Werewolves, and a love triangle – this killer combination only points to the Twilight series. Though there have been numerous shows and movies made with charming vampires and their age-defying qualities, the werewolves added another dimension to the story rather than mere mortals human beings hunting the invincible. Such a combination of fantastical elements is hard to come by; therefore, to ease things up, here is a list of five movies for the fans of the Twilight series.  

A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story Movie Poster

As the name would have anyone thinking, it has a ghost, but it is unlike any other ghost movie. A man recently died comes back to his suburban home as a ghost but later realized he is stuck there and must go through witnessing life after him. The movie [provokes the audience to question life after death and gives a fresh perspective on life and death. Make the most out of this movie by watching it patiently and with an open mind.

Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood Movie Scene

In this movie, there is a love story, a werewolf hiding among the village folk and a werewolf hunter. The identity of the werewolf remains at the crux of the story, which adds mystery. There are some gory bloodshed scenes, but they are somewhat on the subtler side. 


The poster for this movie might mislead anyone for a sweet romance drama; however, what is inside. A love bubble seems to be in the making; however, a few minut6es into the movie, and you find the girl already dead. Things escalate (for the viewers) when Alex starts living a life with Rachel in his dreams, and the line between dreams and reality becomes slim. Director Derik Loo probably took some inspiration to venture off into the world of dreams after Nolan’s Inception, that came right before Loo’s Awaken. 


Thirst movie is about Vampire-serial-killer-noir with a mature story that builds upon the carnal instincts that come with being a vampire. It departs from the relatively recent aspect of the life of a young vampire and relates to the original tale of Count Dracula. The story follows a Catholic priest who volunteers himself to an experiment for a cure and later finds himself turned into a vampire. Director Park Chan-wook has given justice to the theme with his brilliant execution, which makes it a good watch. 

Blood And Chocolate

This one brings in a werewolf again, but what’s the exciting thing about this movie shows the werewolf’s perspective. Another point of departure from the conventional approach is the werewolf is a teenage girl. Vivian falls in love with Adrian, a human, and thus faces the dilemma of love and family secrets. The movie might downsize on the CGI effects; nevertheless, the freshness of the film appeals to the viewer.

These movies transport from one fantastical dimension to the other. Although one is sure to miss the irreplaceable elements of Twilight, these movies are the next in line to the throne. So binge-watch them, if you must. 

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