Rockstar’s GTA 6 Official News About Game Release and Rumours

GTA 6 Game Poster

It has been over six years since the riders have explored the streets of vice City. GTA V is the last game launched in the GTA series so far. As per the rumoured sources, the next game is under development by Rockstar Games. The authorized developers haven’t blurted out any official information so far in the trail. 

GTA 6 Release Date

According to the analysis, all one says is the game might come out as a new year present in the year 2021. In the wake of the current events of COVID-19, it is to be least expected regarding the arrival of GTA 6 or even a glimpse of the project.
Let’s expect 2022 to be the final year, at least!

GTA 6 Platforms

The time invested in the making of the game will be worth the wait, hopefully as GTA 6 will exclusively release for the next generation of exciting consoles. The game platform now has the very new Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s next Xbox ‘Project Scarlett‘ in its avenue. Word is we might have the version available for Windows PC and Google Stadia too. 

Better get your hands on the next generations brand new console or at least a hand on a friend who’ll own one as to one’s bad luck, GTA 6 might only be available exclusively for the next-gen hardware.

GTA 6 Location And Map

The area map is the most attractive feature of GTA games. All the GTA maps have been excellent exploring sites. It is not the end as the next game thrives on getting a denser and larger map for the audience to get more wild. The location of the map is still not exposed by the developers. Some rumours leaked inform that it might be set in and around Miami, with a second location for other missions being held in South America. Other rumours say that the place might be all of Los Santos, Vice City, and Liberty City.

In an interview with Rockstar, they went on to mention their interests linked upon, including all the maps from previous GTA games. The following are:

  • Los Santos from GTA V & GTA San Andreas
  • Vice City from GTA Vice City
  • Las Venturas from GTA San Andreas
  • San Fierro from GTA San Andreas
  • Liberty City from GTA IV & GTA 3

GTA 6’s Lead Characters And Protagonist

Making way to some more rumours, this might be the most talked about. There are rumours that the protagonist for GTA 6 would be a female this time. Other than this, we do not know if there are to be more protagonists for GTA 6 as it was in GTA V. While that game, a single player could control three playable characters and switch between them while the mission is on, both inside and during the mission.

GTA 6’s arrival is making news worldwide and is to be on our premises very soon. Keep pinning upon PCT articles to have updates regarding the release and workings of the game. The mentioned rumours, until then, may keep the players’ spirit up.