Gaming 5 Best Shooting Games Like Call of Duty

5 Best Shooting Games Like Call of Duty

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Shooting games are a subpart of action video gaming. Shooting games mainly focus on the actions of the player to defeat the enemies. It generally provides the weapons and shooting experiences for the players in the game.

The main aim of these shooting games is to shoot opponents and continue the missions to win the game. This type of game provides vast network options for both single and multiplayer. Nowadays, shooting games have gained a lot of popularity. Other than the call of duty, some other shooting games are also there like Battlefield 5, Hyper Scape, Overwatch, Titanfall 2, Destiny 2.

Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 Game Poster

The battlefield 5 game has a storyline on the First World War, and this will give the players a live experience of the war, just like a soldier. The soldiers will withstand the intensity of the war. The players have to use the old-school weapons, drive classic vehicles, and fly deadly jets just like the soldiers of the World War.

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According to the feedback of the gamers, this shooting game contains fantastic graphics, great gameplay. It also has a strong baseline for the single-players to be in the game for a long time.

Hyper Scape

Hyper Scape Game Poster

Hyper scape is a free to play first-person shooting battle game. Ubisoft Montreal developed the game. The main highlight of the game is when 100 players jump on a particular place on the map. From there, the players try to eliminate each other to win the competition. However, in this game, the players can use both weapons and special abilities known as “Hacks. ” The Hacks consist of transforming the player into a giant ball from which they can bounce around, or becoming invisible. A player becomes “Echo” when he dies in a squad game mode. In contrast, the Echos are not allowed to kill any opponents during the game. They can only “ping” their team members to alert them about the danger.


Overwatch Game Poster

In 2016 Overwatch launched and became a cult favorite. This shooting game is a mixture of MOBA elements with designed maps, and its methods of playing have dominated the charts. A diverse roster of characters with each character having different abilities and traits is one of the specialties of this game. The game procures overall colorful graphics with an excellent gameplay experience.

Titanfall 2

The sequel of Titanfall brought a giant robot that will fight for the players. The sequel of the game launched some powerful giant robots, a.k.a Titans. These titans are the helpers of the players to destroy their enemies. Additionally, they will help the players to destroy their enemies. This game gives a long time for the single-player modes, whereas the multiplayer mode is the highlight. In this mode, the players can go against other players all over the world. They can even control their titans to defeat their enemies.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is the open shooting game. This game comprises of massively multiplayer online game (MMO) elements. This game furnishes the players an open place to communicate with other players with whom they play in the game. The leading players of the game defined as Guardians; in this game, the players can customize their characters. Some customize, and there are unique armors for the players who are a part of the game.

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