When Will George R.R Martin Release Games Of Thrones Winds Of Winter Novel?

Games Of Thrones Winds Of Winter
Source: Wiki Of Thrones

People were upset about how the series Game of Thrones ended. Also, the fact that there could be more to the story and the makers should not have stopped the show.

But we have good news about the books, and this globally successful series was adapted from. The characters will develop further in the books. Fans will get to know about the characters which are dead in the series as well. The show was not able to add all the content that was available in the books. 

Now finally The book Game of Thrones: winds of winter will be out soon. It will not be divided into two parts, such as Feast of Crows and Dance of Dragons. George feels he commits the readers, and so Winds of Winter must be “great.” 

The rumours were denied that he had already finished Winds of Winter and Dream of Spring. Also that the publishing house was waiting for the end of the series to publish them. The book is still in progress.

Expectations of a Release

The author even declined to make a cameo in the last season of Game of Thrones because he was focusing on Winds of Winter. Martin, in 2019 believed he would have the book ready before the 2020 Worldcon, which takes place in August. A short time later, he again stated that the book would be prepared “in a relatively close period. 

George is “finishing the book” for more than a year, in his refuge in the mountains of Santa Fe. The author has not been affected by the coronavirus since he had been isolated in that house in the hills before the pandemic appeared. 

Still, we don’t have any date for this new book, fans are disappointed with the news.

Theories for the book

The writer willingly offered more details of an unexpected twist the book will have, “and it couldn’t happen in the series.” He read The Forsaken, undoubtedly the best chapter we know about Winds of Winter. We even have a version narrated by voice actors. The book will have “lots of dark chapters.”  

Confirmations from the author and Speculations have brought up several theories like

  • Melisandre will again have chapters in Winds of Winter, where she will reflect on Asshai. 
  •  George RR Martin insists that Lady Heart of Stone will be essential in Winds of Winter. 
  •  We will see Shadrick the Mad Mouse again in Winds of Winter, and he hopes to resolve the issue of Robb’s will and Jon’s legitimacy. 
  • We will know more about Salvador Shan. 
  • George has a complete family tree from the Dayne house but reserves it for The Winds of Winter. 
  • Rickon will be out in Winds of Winter, and there will be unicorns. 
  • Characters dead in the series but alive in the books like Irri, Jhiqui, Rakharo, Mago, Alayaya, Chataya and Pyat Pree will have their role in Winds of Winter. 
  • Martin confirmed that Hodor is “Hold the door” also in the books, although it will be revealed in different circumstances. 

Fans of Game of Thrones thought that they know an end. What they did not realize is that it is not the end of the saga. Even though the show is over on screen but it will continue in the books. There is lots more to the story of the Game of Thrones.