Justice League 2 Cast, Storyline And Everything

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As we already know that Marvel has been ruling the Box Office for a long time, and the previous decade was the golden period for them. This multi-billion dollar industry has created chaos in the area.

DC is also trying to give a fight to their Arch Rival, as they were a giant in gaming industries, and DC also rules other sectors too. DC started their cinematic universe with Hanry Cavil’s Superman, and then they launched Ben Affleck as Batman. We have seen the Justice League, which was unable to do something good in Box Office. So now we can expect something good with the upcoming movies.

The Original Plan About the Justice League 2

Being announced in 2014 about Justice League 2 to follow Man of Steel, Batman Vs. Superman, Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman as DC’s answer to billion dollar-breaking Avengers.

At the same time, Justice League 2 was also announced and the release date was scheduled to 14 June 2019, but Justice League was a blockbuster flop. Now there is no date for Justice League 2.

What story was followed in Justice League?

The previous part of the movie was set just after the incident of Superman’s death. In the Dawn of Justice, we have seen that doomsday attacked the city, and Superman died in this brutal fight. Lex Luther was prisoned, and there was a lot of future for the story.

In Justice League, we have seen that Batman has a database of all the supernatural people, so he started teaming up. Bruce Wayne found all the superhumans.

We have seen at the beginning of the movie that Wonder Woman faced the main villain of the film, and that villain lives on the fear of his victims. Wonder Woman and Batman started a mission of finding superheroes in Justice League movie.

She further found Cyborg, who is half robot and half man. In the film, we have seen that all the superheroes came together and fought.

Who Can Return in Cast?

In the previous movie of Justice League, we have seen Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne and Batman. Gal Gadot was playing the role of Diana Prince or Wonder Woman. Henry Cavil was playing the role of Clark Kent and known as Superman. Jason Momoa was playing the role of Arther Curry or Aquaman, then Ezra Miller was seen as Barry Allen or The Flash. Ray Fisher was in the movie playing the role of Cyborg.

But this time, Ben Affleck is leaving and there is doubt of Henry Cavill too. It means the cast of the upcoming movie will not be same.