Tenet Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Why Excitment Are High For The Movie?


Christopher Nolan is one of the most famous directors. He has made some unforgettable movies including Interstellar,  The Dark Knight trilogy and most recently Dunkirk, all of which have grabbed everyone’s attention, audience and critics both.

Tenet is going to be his next movie which is supposed to be an ‘event film’ as told by the director himself. This hints towards the movie being a mind-blowing sci-fi thriller, his speciality. The movie is expected to have some intriguing tiny details as all of his films have them.


Tenet is expected to release on 17 July 2020. It will be directly published on IMAX internationally. Some fans believe that the trailer of the movie has an uncanny resemblance with Star Wars Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker.


Yes, the trailer is out for you to see although, it’s a very confusing trailer, so it’s to get any information from there. It’s magnificent and only tells us that the story revolves around John David, who is trying to save the world from its next big war.


We’ll be seeing a lot of similar faces. Michael Caine and Keneth Branagh, Christopher’s favourite will be there. Other than these we’ll see John David Washington along with Robert Pattinson with Aaron Taylor Johnson, Elizabeth Dedicki, Clemence Poesy, Himesh Patel and Dimple Kapadia.

This is one of the most expensive movies being made by Nolan, and that is saying a lot considering the kind of film he has made. The movie will cost about $205 million. The video will be shot in various parts of the world including Denmark, Italy, parts of Europe and India.

The budget of the movie suggests how big and different it might be. The locations are exciting, and this movie could very well be the next big thing of Christopher Nolan.

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