Re Zero Season 2: What’s The Release Date? Who Is In The Cast? And What Can We Expect From The Storyline?

Despite the popularity of this anime that made its debut in 2016, fans have had to wait for a good deal of years for the revival of this anime with its season 2. Here’s all we know about this fan favorite!

Release Date

Although season 2 was slated to hit the screens by April 2020, with the ongoing pandemic, the hit anime’s production has been severely interrupted. On 9 March, the White Fox studio officially announced the show’s delay. But to the luck of fans, the show will finally be hitting the screens by July 2020! The anime’s creators tweeted that they’re planning to broadcast the anime from July. 


From Rem, Emilia, and Subaru Natsuki to Wilhelm van Astrea and Roswaal L Mathers, the majority of the characters are anticipated to make a comeback in season 2.

What can we expect from the storyline?

Season 2 will most likely be covering volumes 10 to 15 of the manga. Fans would get to see Echidna, the witch of greed, and the reunion of Roswaal and Emilia. Roswaal would be severely injured and would ask Subaru to undertake the Trials of the Sanctuary.

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