Peaky Blinders Season 6 Release Date And More

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The Peaky Blinders is a BBC series also available on Netflix and has five seasons behind it. With season 5 as the best for many, all are of a very high level. We already have a sixth in the making that has created hype since it may be the penultimate season of the series.

Steven Knight, the creator and screenwriter of the series, has raised the hype by stating that the sixth “will be the best season to date.”

What will happen in season 6?

As Anthony Byrne put it on a podcast, the idea is for Season 6 to embrace both Mosley and Gina Gray’s universe with new characters, including the mysterious family of Michael Gray’s wife. Everything also points to the fact that the new plots will include the famous Battle of Cable Street. In 1936, Mosley’s party led a march in London’s East End, an eminently Jewish neighbourhood, but antifascists and communists stopped them after tremendous altercations.

The plot with Michael Gray will bring tail. He is considered an enemy and a traitor to the family after trying to relieve Tommy from office. The departure of the Shelbys will undoubtedly lead to a new plot where the Grays gain strength and generate new businesses. Besides, it remains to resolve the famous “second option” that we heard in the previous season. Are they planning a hit on the Shelby company, or maybe Tom?

Release Date

Season 6 should be shooting right now for a 2021 release, but the coronavirus has wholly twisted the schedule. Along with the most significant image of Cillian Murphy in the role of Tommy Shelby, the director explained that although everything was prepared for the start of production, it is time to stop until further notice:

“We were very close to the beginning of filming for season 6. Months of hard work from our very talented, dedicated, and hard-working team. Sets were built, costumes were made, cameras and lenses ready. Places were reserved. All the preparation was done. It’s a real shame not to be able to do it right now. But personally, I want to thank the crew I have spent months working with, and I want to send my love and support to them and to everyone else. We are in this together.”

It looks like we have to wait a little longer for the sixth instalment than already expected.

Is Trailer out?

No. There is no trailer out. We can expect a trailer to arrive 2 weeks before it’s release.