Love Me, Love Me Not What Is Expected Release Date? And What To Expect From This Movie?

Ever since the anime world took over the real world, many animes flooded the movie towns but only some made name and reputation.

Many consider that love track portrayed in an anime if far more deeply centred in many ways when compared to an average movie love plot. And so there exists a sperate set of fans for these kinds of stories.

And this article is going to be a fun ride for them. If I were to pick an anime which has a core standard of love portrayal, then I would pick this anime, Love me, Love me not. This show has been recently announced for a movie adaptation in both anime film genre and live-action film.

If you are new to this show, then binge-watch the anime or read the manga of the same name from which the show has been adapted. I hope you complete at the earliest, So is the show.

If you are here reading this article, then we can understand your interest in the movie, and So we have got all the details about the movie adaptation of the show including the release date and every possible detail.

Let’s dive in for the details of the movie.

What About The Release Date?

Initially, the live-action film was scheduled for a release on August 14, 2020. But the release date of the movie is on the verge of postponement due to the effect of the current outbreak of Coronavirus, which has led almost all major production works halted.

We may expect the movie released at the earliest.

What About The Plot?

The basic plot of anime is sure not be changed much for the movie, and the basic plot goes here by

When Yuna Ichihara met a random girl Akari under some circumstances when she went to send off her best friend, Sacchan, then they become friends and find their true interests.

Yuna finds her love in Akari’s brother and Akari in the best friend of Yuna. And then things get spicier form here.

What About The Cast?

The cast list goes here by Eiji Akaso as Kazuomi Inui, Minami Amabe as Akari Yamamoto, Riko Fukumoto plays Yuna Ichihara, Takumi Kitamura plays Rio Yamamoto.





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