Joker 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot And What’s More?

Joker 2 Movie Poster
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Just when we thought that DC will not able to replace him in any way with Heath Ledger as our favourite Joker, to our surprise, Joaquin Phoenix. The massive success of Joker in 2019 persuaded the fans that the villains are as impactful as the superheroes in a film.

Joker’s insanity in his character never seemed ridiculous as he managed to keep the audience engaged with his peculiarities.
Today, this character has set a benchmark for how villainous characters should be.

Somewhere in the debates has been the typical talk about whether the fans will once again see Joaquin Phoenix again as Arthur Fleck in a Joker sequel. With Phoenix ‘s huge accomplishment in 2019 and the franchise hitting a whopping $1 billion, chances for a sequel have only risen.

Here’s everything for you to know about it.

Release Date: When Will The Film Arrive?

At this moment, it is difficult to say anything for Joker2 as director Todd Phillips, said “we have no plan for a sequel,” and how they always visioned it as just a single movie. With all the hints dropped and given clues, fans continue waiting to see Arthur Fleck once again on the big curtain.

Rumours have it that the movie will be out by the end of 2021.

Joker 2 Plot:

The last finished scene in Joker, where Phoenix is depicted in the Arkham State Hospital, could have started with Joker 2.

He’s worse than ever, and he’s got a big motive for his revenge. The character is weak, but what is Joker ‘s capacity to harm civilization and is Batman going to come for rescue?

We’ll be headquartered on how Joker became the leader of all the city’s villains. He’s here with his bloodbath quirks to fight and make noises all around the city.

Phillips says “Most films are in the dust, but this one is about gunpowder. In a recent interview. It would be definitely interesting if you could document that again in a natural manner.

Joker 2 Cast:

Warner Bros would put all their money in Joaquin Phoenix as Joker, with Sophie Dumond (Frances Conroy), Detective Garrity (Glenn Fleshler) and Gary (Josh Pais) contributing to the Joker2 actor’s list.

Shockingly, Phoenix is known for not returning to sequels. But with an Oscar in hand, he might make an exception.

For the remaining cast, we have talented actors like Hoyt Vaughn (Rocco Luna), GiGi Dumond (Marc Maron), Genetics Ufland (Sondra James) and Dr. Sally (Murphy Guyer).