House Of The Dragon Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot & Trailer

House Of The Dragon is a prequel to the famous Game of Thrones Series. The show will take its inspiration from the bestselling 2018 George R.R. Martin’s book titled, “Fire & Blood.”

The show is being written by Ryan Condal and will be directed by Miguel Sapochnik. Apart from this, the makers have also declared that the first season of the show will total of 10 episodes.

So without further ado, let us get into all the information and updates we have on House Of The Dragon Season 1 ‘s scheduled release date, the potential plot, and who will be in the upcoming cast.

The Release Date of House Of The Dragon Season 1

 Curious to when the possible air date is for House Of The Dragon Season 1?

Well, the show is expected to release sometime in the year 2022. However, as of now, no specific release date has been declared.

The Cast of House Of The Dragon Season 1 

In a recent interview, George R.R. Martin had stated that the current writing team is working on the script.

So, I think we’ll have to wait for some time until we receive the specifics as to who’s going to be a part of the show.

The Plot for House Of The Dragon Season 1 

As I have mentioned earlier, the script is still under process, so we have very scarce information regarding the plotline of the show.

But we do know one this for sure, and that is the show is going to prominently around the Dragonlords ancestors of Daenerys.

In addition to that, the show will also chronologically showcase the full account of the beginning and the end of one of the most potent dynasties that once dominated the seven kingdoms.

The Trailer for House Of The Dragon Season 1 

Since the show has not yet gone into production, there are no trailers available.

What Is The Timeline Of The Show?

The show will trace right back to 300 years before the events of Game of Thrones took place.

Where Is Game of Thrones?

Though the HBO version of Game of Thrones ended last year, George R.R. Martin’s fantasy world Kingdoms, magic, dragons, battles, and thrones have not quite finished.

As per the reports, the show will have two spins offs the first one is the House Of Dragons” which will be paving the way for the second spin-off is based on the novel, “Ice And Fire,” also written by George R.R. Martin.

For the rest, we will have to wait for the release date of the series in order to make accurate opinions and comments on the future of the show.