Haikyuu Season 4 Part 2 What Is Release Date? And Updates

Haikyuu!! is a Japanese shōnen manga series that follows the tale of Shōyō Hinata. A young boy determined to become a great volleyball player despite his small height. The sports comedy is available to watch on netflix.com.

This Anime series was first aired from April 06 to September 21 in the year 2014 on MBS, and some other JNN stations. This Anime show was launched on Crunchyroll with English subtitles.

What is Release Date?

The first episode of the two-parter season four aired on January 10, 2020, and is a sequel to the third season that aired from October 7, 2016, to December 9, 2016. The second half of season four was due to be released in late of 2020 but has been postponed.

As we can see, there remains a four-year gap between season three and season four. This is common in anime series, due to the intense and intricate nature of the art. Anime series tend to take time to develop since every single frame has to be carefully drafted. This may be one of the reasons why the second half of the season has been postponed.

Furthermore, as we are all aware, the coronavirus pandemic has put a halt to everyone’s daily life and livelihood. As of now, new release dates haven’t been announced, but we’re confident the 12 episodes second half is well underway and should be here in no time.

What do we know?

As of now, we know the dubbing cast that will be returning will include Kaito Ishikawa Ayumu Murase, Tobio Kageyama, Yu Hayashi, Miyu Irino, and Satoshi Hino.

The second half will begin from the 14th episode of the season.

Catch up

Season 3 ended in its tenth episode, “The Volleyball Idiots.” The event is focused on the last few moments of the final set of the match between Karasuno High and Shiratorizawa Academy.

Karasuno high leads the game and plots a strategy that included every player positioning for a spike, as planned by Tsukishima Kei, to confuse the opposing team. This lands the team a win in the final match with a score of 19-21, beating the best powerhouse volleyball team in the Miyagi region and, of course, proceeding to qualify onto the nationals. This ordeal unveils gasps and tears of joy, disbelief, disappointment, and grief.

Satori reveals that he will be quitting volleyball after high school and instead will be cheering on for Ushijima. He will pursue a career as a professional volleyball player with the country’s national team.

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