TV Shows Guardian: The Lonely And Great God Season 2 Release Date & More

Guardian: The Lonely And Great God Season 2 Release Date & More


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Another Korean tv series sensation, Goblin, also known as Guardian: The Lonely And Great God may return with another season. When a series acclaims widespread popularity, it shows us the reach of the streaming websites.

‘The Lonely and Great God Goblin’ made its appearance in the year 2016-17. Soon after its release, the show escalated its power game and was loved by many. According to the reports, the show is the third highest-rated drama in Korea’s cable television history, just after ‘Sky Castle’ and ‘Reply 1988.

If the show that made such bombastic initial season. We can assure you that the forthcoming season will be ecstatic. It has been applauded by the critics, appreciated by the audiences, and has created a whole buzz of anticipation.

Let’s read through what’s next for the cultural phenomena Guardian The Lonely And Great God by Kim Eun-sook and directed by Lee Eung-bok, Kwon Hyuk-chan, and Yoon Jong-ho.

When can Season 2 return?

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Guardian: The Lonely and Great God Season 2 - Every Detail About It

However, there has not been any official announcement about the release. Given the pandemic situation across the globe, we do not know when the production will resume. 

Right now, We don’t have any official announcement regarding the release of the show, so we have to wait till this pandemic is over.

Guardian: The Lonely And Great God Season 2 Cast:

For round two, we expect all the stars of the first season to make a comeback. The list will have Gong Yoo as Kim Shin, aka Goblin, Kim Go-Eun stars as Ji Eun-Tak, Lee Dong-Wook is Grim Reaper. If another season returns, then we are sure that these actors make a return.

So we know that story of the show Guardian: The Lonely And Great God is very undeniably refreshing. It has acclaimed many awards and fans given the storyline.

In the first season, we see how a goblin, tasked with the responsibility of protecting souls. He is extremely devoted to his duties. But later gets tired with his immortality. As a result, he embarks on a journey to seek out his human bride, who has the sole power to end his life.

To all of this, the character is shown in love. His love interest is a normal high school girl. In the show we how they both fall in love against all the odds. Later the beautiful Sunny starts getting attracted to the grim reaper. As these four people come together, their lives take various turns, while they encounter multiple complications and unpredictable situations.

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