Godzilla VS Kong Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And We Will Witness Giant Fight

Godzilla vs Kong Movie Poster
Source: omelete.com.br

The most awaited battle between monsters is about to release. Godzilla vs Kong is directed by Adam Wingard and is written by Terry Rossio. We have seen both these giants rock the screen in Godzilla: King of monsters and in Kong Skull Island. But what happens when these two earthly giants clash?

Is there a trailer for the movie?

The movie does not have any trailers as of now. There have been images of the battle released online. This signifies that the production is going on, and there is still time for its completion. So, trailers can be expected anytime now.

When will the movie hit the screens worldwide?

The movie is set to premiere on November 20, 2020. The first announced release date was May 29, 2020, which was delayed. The producers of the movie are very cautious and want the movie to be a huge box office hit, unlike its predecessor.

What is the expected plot for the movie?

As the name suggests, the movie is mainly focused on the encounter between the two greatest beasts on Earth in the Monster Universe. The beasts act as a menace to humans and face off in a battle. The battle will be a marvellous feat to watch.

As a result, a scientific team researches the origin of these titans. The team is on the journey to identify the truth behind these species and how to wipe them out. The movie will also look into how these beasts will hinder humanity in its efforts to eradicate them.

What can be said about the cast?

The movie will have all the main characters found in both Godzilla and Kong arc. Millie Bobby Brown and Kyle Chandler are a part of the movie. There are also many new faces that can be found in the new part of the series.

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