Final Fantasy VII Remake Release Date, Gameplay, And Will There Be PC Version?

Final Fantasy VII Remake Release Date, Gameplay, Camera Angle, Storyline And All New Updates

Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the most-awaited and iconic games. The announcement for the remake was made in 2015 and fans became quite curious about it. The game is officially out, and there are many details on the game. There are several questions about the new game and several developments in the story of the game. Here are all the updates for you to know about it.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Release Date: When Will It Release?

FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE preview: a closer look at combat

The First Part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, PS4 version, was previously delayed from March 3 to April 10 this year. In late February 2020, Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda confirmed that the delay would not impact the release timeline for the next part. With no confirmed release date, there is no way to know when Part 2 will be out. However, we can look to another Final Fantasy¬†release. The PC version for the game is not out yet and won’t be sooner than April 2021.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay: How Is It?

We have seen earlier that the Turn-based combat is already out in this version. The combat system is similar to the FF 15. While fighting in the game, the ATB meter will fill, and this can be used to turn on the tactical mode in order to get slow-motion time for a fight. Also, the players can switch between party members to resist attacks and spells. The game will have a combat mode styled to feel more like the traditional turn-based system.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Storyline: What is the Plot About?

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is more than just a visual update. There will be some new characters in the game, that will also explain the plot difference. There is a trailer that pretty much explains the plot and attitudes which are original to the game story.

Final Fantasy VII Remake: PC version?

as yet, there has not been any official confirmation about the game’s release on the PC. Square Enix has said that it has no plans for other platforms. The game is solely released on PS4 for the gamers. Although, many games have been released on PC and on other platforms after some time, so we can hope that sooner or later, the players will have a PC version too. Also, there are reports that it will have another part arrive next year.