Dracula Season 2 Release Date And Who Is In Cast?

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It was just this year that Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss returned with their latest show. Inspired by Stoker’s novel, the series made its premiere on BBC One and Netflix. As was the case during the premiere of their series Sherlock, many looked at the show sceptically. It is fair to say, they no longer have any doubts regarding the brilliance of the show.

The mini-series has gone on to win many hearts with its portrayal of the Count. With fans all around the globe waiting in anticipation for a sequel to the first season. If you are one of them then congrats you are in the right place.

Dracula Season 2: Release Date

The first season of the series landed on New Year’s Day, consistent with the sadistic tone of the series. While the three episodes long first season rounded off the story of the Count satisfyingly, many don’t agree. With a chunk of the fans feeling there is still a story to be told.

As things would have it, co-creator Mark Gatiss is one of them. The director has stated on previous interviews that he would not put it beyond the Count to rise from his death. While there has not been any talk of a Season 2, yet if the series returns, it won’t be until 2022.

Dracula Season 2: Cast

The directors have been forthright in accepting the impeccable acting performance from their cast. So in case, the series returns not much can be expected to change there. The series can’t just return without Claes Bang as the titular character.

And with Dracula, be assured his arch-nemesis is not going to leave him be. That would mean another appearance from Dolly Wells as another of the Helsing bloodline. Also, another of the Gatiss roles won’t be far away.

Dracula Season 2: Story

To be honest, the series does not really need a sequel. While the story steered away from the novel in multiple moments, the series concluded with Dracula accepting the sweet release of death. The creators might go to undo all their works in Season 2.

Or they can choose a different path and focus on the Count’s past. That will include looking into the history of house Dracula and exploring his ancestry. But it seems the creators are rather fond of the theme of re-incarnation. So we might be getting a different version of the Count.