Doctor Prisoner Season 2 What Are The Official Announcements? And Is Corona Pandemic Affecting The Show?

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Doctor Prison is a South Korean series that aired on KBS2. Korean series is very interesting to watch and so is this one. This is a medical drama series and focuses on the doctor who is being accused of malpractices in the field of medicine. He is arrested and cannot practice anymore. The first season premiered in March 2019. This article will tell you more about season 2.

When can we see it?

The official information was that the season will be out on June 15, 2020, but we do not know if the season will come out as there was no information after that. The speculation was that most of the work is done but all this is not confirmed.

The speculation is that shooting and some parts of the editing process are done but the COVID pandemic outbreak might have affected the production team and there might be a delay in release. It is going to take some time and we will know more soon.

Doctor Prisoner Season 2

What about the cast members?

We have some information about the cast of this series. This includes Namkoong Min as Na Yi-je, the talented doctor who gets arrested, Kwon Nara, Kim Byung-chul, Choi Won-young, Jin Hee-kyung, Laa Da-in, Park Eun-suk and a lot more. Let us see what happens.

This season, we will be able to see more about how the plot is taken forward. With the doctor in the prison, trying to take revenge, we do not know how things will pick up. There is no official announcement or details yet.

As we all know, the doctor was a skilled person and could handle all the patients in the Emergency room without any discriminations. He was a good doctor but his license was taken from him. Let us see how he proves himself and gets back on track.

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