Blue Fire Release Date, About Gameplay And More

Nintendo, the creators of the game, have kept us updated on everything we could need to know about the game- and that’s just made us even more curious and impatient to get our hands on the game.

Blue Fire is an upcoming action-adventure single-player game published by Graffiti Games and developed by ROBI studios.

The game will be launched in 2021 and will be available in eight languages- French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Chinese, English, Spanish, Italian.

You will have the choice to play this game on TV mode; handheld mode or tabletop model.

Blue Fire: Release Date

Blue Fire game launches in March 2021, as we all are very curious and impatient to get our hands on this cool looking game.

Blue Fire: Gameplay

The game places you at the centre of an extraordinary journey through the desolated kingdom of Penumbra. You will have to discover hidden secrets that this abandoned land has fought hard to keep hushed.

You will venture into otherworldly temples, encounter survivors and take on peculiar missions to collect items beyond value. Through your journey, you will have to force your way through fierce opponents, battles, abandoned regions, and outsmart set up death traps.


A Haunting World: Travel through the died universe of Penumbra to explore different territories loaded up with different kind of enemies, sharp 3D platforming challenges, journeys, collectables and more.

Cut Your Way Through Great Adversaries: Experience risky adversaries with unmistakable battling styles and participate in extraordinary battle platforming supervisor battles.

Experience Peculiar Survivors: Quite a while has gone since Penumbra fell into haziness; however, those that endure the kingdom’s fall will help you in unlock rewards.

Collectables: When a rich and lavish kingdom, Penumbra is loaded up with numerous collectables and things to find, loot, gather, sell, exchange and buy.

Upgrades: No extraordinary warrior can fight the perils sneaking in Penumbra without the best possible gear. Update your swords, gather significant amulets and open new abilities to change into a savage fighter.

Lost in the Void: A long way from Penumbra, there is a lost land called The Void. Discover Void doors all through the world to reveal conceptual platforming challenges that require the extraordinary authority to assemble the crucial rewards covered up inside.

Visuals Beyond Comparison

We all know Nintendo has never failed to disappoint its players. It’s a home staple brand for a gamer of any level- beginner or professional. And we’re expecting the best from them again this time around.

The sharp 3D platforming of the game will cover bases of the abandoned and forgotten land of Penumbra, incredibly designed enemies that the player will battle with using striking fighting styles, several haunting survivors that will be the player’s key to success in this left behind land, a range of remarkable collectables, constant and regular updates for access to new swords and new abilities to unlock to enhance your fighting range, and several countless traps and pathways to keep a lookout for.