Black Summer Season 2 Cast, Plot And More

Black Summer Season 2

Here we have for you all the fresh updates and latest information of the show Black Summer Season 2, from its official release date to the summary plot, possible upcoming cast and crew members, cameo and guest appearance, fuming fizzy rumours, new fan theories, teaser promo, controversies, official synopsis, buzz, cancellation rumours, speculations, spinoff and a lot more for you all to know about…

Black Summer is an action, apocalyptic fiction drama television web series created by Karl Schaefer and John Hyams.

The series was established in Calgary, Alberta, in Canada. Thus far, only one season of Black Summer was released on Netflix. The show was rated 6.4/10 by IMDb and 78 percent by Rotten Tomatoes.

 When Can We Expect The Show Black Summer Season 2 To Air?

Blac Summer Season 2 will happen, of course! Yes, you read it right. It has now been officially announced by Netflix.

Excited? Unfortunately, for now, we don’t have any exact information regarding the second season of Black Summer. But let’s not forget patience bears sweet fruit.

Filming for Black Summer season 2 began in early 2020, but we were informed on March 18th, 2020, that production had been postponed for two weeks meaning that filming would start up again in April 2020 at the earliest. As the production couldn’t start on time due to the novel coronavirus so, it was shifted to August 2020. We hope to get the new awaited season soon.

Who all will be returning for Black Summer Season 2?

Following are the names of the actors and crew who all will be making a comeback in Black Summer Season 2:

Jamie King will make a comeback as Rose, as well as the executive producer of season 2. Justin Chu Cary will be seen recreating his role as Spears, and Christian will be seen as Kyungsun. John Hyams will be returning, the only showrunner in this season.

Sal Velez, in an interview, said, “I know a bunch of people who are willing to see William, but I don’t write or create any of the stuff, and to be clearly honest I’m not even allowed to say whether I did perish or not.”

Do we have a summary plot for the second season of Black Summer?


At the end of the first season, we saw Rose mercy killing Valez, as he was the reason slowing her and the other survivors down because of his injury.

We also saw Lance missing from the scene as he was running for his life from the crazy blood-seeking groups of zombies.

A statement revealed that season 2 is a refugee story. Society is full of illness, and symbolism was hidden in it. Nobody has proper immune.