Movies Avatar 2 Release Date And Four Sequels?

Avatar 2 Release Date And Four Sequels?

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Fans are eagerly waiting for the sequel to James Cameron’s smashing CGI heavy epic science fiction movie, Avatar which released back in 2009.

While many felt that it would be a solo movie, Cameron surprised everyone when he announced that he was making not one but four sequels!

What has the story been till now?

As of now, the current story for the second movie in the franchise revolves 12 years after the events of Avatar.

Jake Sully has started a family with Neytiri as they are wandering across the expansive world of Pandora, meeting new allies. Everything changes when the R.D.A. once again invade Pandora to finish what they started.

What James Cameron has in mind?

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Director James Cameron stated that he waited for a while before shooting the sequels as he was waiting for the technology which will allow the motion capture artists to perform underwater.

Avatar earned $2.79 billion worldwide. It was the first film to earn $2 billion, and it was the highest-earning film until Avengers Endgame surpassed it in 2019.

Is the original cast returning?

Sam WorthingtonZoe SaldanaStephen LangGiovanni RibisiJoel David MooreDileep Rao, C.C.H. Pounder, and Matt Gerald are all reprising their roles from the original film, with Sigourney Weaver returning in a different role.

New cast members include Kate WinsletCliff CurtisEdie FalcoBrendan CowellMichelle YeohJemaine ClementOona ChaplinDavid ThewlisVin Diesel, and CJ Jones.

, Avatar 2 Release Date And Four Sequels?

Why are fans worried?

Fans are worried that Avatar may not be able to repeat the success of the original.
A recent example such as Blade Runner 2049 was a box office disappointment because of its massive budget and was released almost 30 years after the original.

Also, Avatar was released in a time when the Marvel Cinematic Universe was not quite started yet, so it is going to face some heavy competition at the box office.

Nonetheless, Cameron himself is not worried and believes Avatar 2 will do well.

Are there 4 sequels?

Avatar 2 has been delaying since 2014, the first release date was set in 2014, then 2016, then 2018, and finally 2021. The dates were being pushed as there are 4 more movies or sequels to come.

Nevertheless, the movie is delayed indefinitely. The earlier dates for all the 4 movies are as follows:

We expected Avatar 2 on December 22, 2021, Avatar 3 on December 22, 2023, Avatar 4 on December 19, 2025, and Avatar 5 on December 17, 2027.
Now we expect Avatar 3 to come out 2 years after Avatar 2, and so on for Avatar 4 and Avatar 5.
We’re guessing December 2022, 2024, 2026 and 2028 release dates for these films.

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