Top Gun 2 Maverick Release Date And What Is Storyline?


How long has it been since you last saw Tom Cruise on the big screen? Most probably it would be one of the Mission Impossible movies. But the true fans of cinema and the absurdly hot, age-defying actor are still waiting for the sequel to the 1986 action thriller Top Gun ever since it was announced. 

Its been almost 34 years since the movie came out but its charismatic impression on the viewer remains intact. Only that, the fans are looking forward to juggling up their old memories with Tom Cruise returning like a finely aged wine. So, let’s check the cellar for when it will be available to drink, not through your mouth but your eyes. 

Release Date for Top Gun: Maverick 

The shifting release date during these past few months has aggravated the fans much more than the wait for more than three decades. Originally intended to release in July 2019, it was delayed for another year. However, the dates kept moving up and down the calendar. 

Fortunately, December 23, 2020, is the clear date in sight and hopefully, the Coronavirus Pandemic does not add any more to the delay. 

Tom Cruise assured the fans with a message saying “Top Gun: Maverick will fly this December” along with an apology for the delay. 

Plot for Top Gun: Maverick 

In a recent interview with Empire, director Joseph Kosinski said “Maverick has to confront some things from his past and reconcile with them”. That might be a hint towards a story leaning back on Maverick’s old partner Goose’s death, which he was somewhat responsible for. We also know Goose’s son will be training under him, so that strengthens the cause and effect for the plot. 


No awards for guessing Tom Cruise as the cocky Maverick. Jennifer Connelly will play his love interest as Penny Benjamin. Other actors include Miles Teller as Bradley Bradshaw, Glen Powel as ‘Hangman’, and Jon Hamm as Vice Admiral.