Suburra Season 3 Release Date And Who Is In Cast?

Netflix has become the home that some local series need to achieve fame in other countries. German, Spanish, American, Latin American productions, etc. Compete in this new world of Internet transmission with the best they have. That is the case of “Suburra.”

The Italian series, based on the novel of the same name, returned to the platform with its second season on February 22. Although it has only been a few days since its launch, its followers are already waiting patiently to answer a single question.

Renewal of Suburra season 3

Suburra season 3: Will there be another series of Suburra? | TV ...

It is not clear if Netflix has plans to renew or cancel “Suburra: Blood on Rome.” It is very likely, as has happened with other series, that the streaming company awaits the second season’s audience’s results to make a final decision.

In its history, the order to produce the second season did not happen until three months after the premiere of the first installment. If there is any chance for a new batch of episodes, it will take some time for Netflix to confirm the renewal of the series.

“Suburra” is a prequel series to the Italian film of the same name. As the second season strayed somewhat from the events written in the book that started it all, there would still be material to explore new chapters of “Suburra” before getting to the events of the feature film.

Considering the high rating of the first season of the series, it would be no surprise that “Suburra” is renewed for a third season. Despite its high content of violence against organized crime in Rome, the show features complex and human characters, without showing any hero as is customary in fiction.

On the other hand, the series portrays Rome’s culture without being too overwhelming for the viewer. That is why it was considered the best crime thriller that debuted for television in 2017, keeping its fast and intelligent pace with the passing of the chapters.

With all of these items on the table, Netflix is highly likely to order a third season of the series, though only time will reveal the truth about the show’s future on the small screen.

Release date of season 3

As soon as Netflix renews the show for a new season, we can speculate on a release date. Hopefully, we can see Suburra by 2022.

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