Special Season 2 Release Date And Who Is In Cast?

Autobiographical shows or movies have increased their frequency of appearance. But for an autobiographical show to be made, it needs something like a first-person experience, a second person written book on those experiences, and a third person made the show.

But what these is all made by a single man alongside acting in the lead role. It might seem quite impossible. But Ryan O’Connell has made it possible with his semi-autobiographical show Special.

This very uniqueness has got this show four Emmy nominations. This show is a story of a particular person who is a Gay with Cerebral Palsy.

After all the success the show has seen in terms of fan reactions and award nominations, it’s obvious to expect renewal. The makers had made this possible too. Hey, Ryan, tell me something you can’t do?

Here all the details of this Autobiographical Special ‘Special’. Let’s dive in for the details of season 2.


It’s reported that the script work of the season two has already been completed by January this year. The first season of Special was released in April last year, and the makers have made announcements in regards to the renewal of the season 2 in 2019 December.

This time it takes quite a bit of time for Ryan to return amidst COVID19. Let’s wait for him to come back.


The story revolves around Ryan, who is Gay suffering from Cerebral Palsy. His life becomes tough when he decides to hide his true identity.

But at the end of season 2, Ryan revealed that he has Cerebral Palsy and has moved out of his home. But problems follow him wherever he goes as he indulged in a parting argument with his overprotective mother, Karen.

Season two is this show is supposed to deal with the patching up of the relationship between Ryan and his mom Karen.


Ryan O’Connell is to return for his role Ryan Hayes and Jessica Hecht and Punam Patel in their Ryan’s mother Karen and friend Kim roles. Other casts include Marla Mindelle, Agustus Prew, and Patrick Fabian.



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