Sharkdog Season 1 Release Date And Who Is In Cast?

Shark dog is an upcoming Netflix children’s animated show. The show will be made under the production of ViaComCBS and One Animation Studio.

The creator of the show is Jacinth Tan. The show will primarily revolve around the lives of a boy 10-year-old boy named Max. And his half – dog and a half-shark pet called the Sharkdog.

The upcoming animated web series will take us on a joy ride with Max and Sharkdog.

Wherein we will see how Sharkdog is unaware of his strength, stealth, and general shakiness. Will leave often leave a trail of chaos and minor destruction.

Which will later on obviously be fixed by Max and Sharkdog himself. In addition to all this, we will also be witnessing the unbreakable bond and the true friendship between Max and his unusual pet, the Sharkdog.

Release Date


Sometime in April 2020, Netflix finally revealed that they would be streaming the “Sharkdog” on their platform.

However, as of this date, Netflix hasn’t announced any official release date for this show. Instead, they just made a vague announcement that the show will be releasing sometime in the year 2021.

Although, the show is all set to swoop onto our screens in the year 2021. But don’t be surprised if it’s delayed as this has become a standard norm for almost all the shows.

And we know the reason why? Obviously, because of the outbreak of the global Pandemic, the deadly Coronavirus. Which has caused the entire entertainment industry worldwide to come to a standstill?

But don’t worry as soon as we do get any new updates about the show or its release date. We will let you guys know immediately. So kindly stay tuned with us !!

Who Is In Cast?

As of now, we do not have the entire cast list for the show. But as a matter of fact, we know that Max and Sharkdog are the two prominent characters of the show.

Apart from them, which other characters we will see in this new animated show. That only the next time will tell us.



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