Popeye Release Date And What Is Storyline?

After more than four decades, Popeye is ready to be rebooted for the big screen in coming years. The movie is the project of Genndy Tartakovsky, the creator credited with a famous animated film such as the trilogy of Hotel Transylvania.

The film was earlier connect with Sony, but many changes are made since the production on the film was halted back in 2015.

Let’s dive in to find everything you need to know about the new Popeye movie.

The movie was initially set to release in the year 2016 under Sony Pictures Animation, but the project was snapped in 2015.

But earlier this year it was reported that the Filmmaker Genndy Tartakovsky has teamed with King Features to resume the project. King Features owns Popeye franchise with other classic cartoons.

The film will begin production shortly and is expected to hit big screens in December 2022.


The film will feature the voices of Tom Kenny as Popeye, Grey DeLisle as Olive Oyl, Alec Baldwin as Bluto, Frank Welker as Jeep, William Baldwin as J Wellington Wimpy, Billy West as Poopdeck Pappy and Zac Efron as General Jogan Salvegler.



Sony confirmed idea film from Tartakovsky’s Popeye in 2014. “It is anything but a clasp, it is anything but a trailer, it’s nothing from the real film,” Tartakovsky said at that point. “It’s simply something that sort of speaks to what we needed to do.”

The test footage is still available on YouTube.


The official synopsis of the movie according to Wiki Fandom is as follows

“Popeye and Bluto must put their differences aside to save Olive Oyl from a tyrannical navy general who’s threatening to destroy Popeye’s village and wage world war, Now with the help of Poopdeck Pappy, Eugene the Jeep and the entire fleet Popeye and Bluto might have a chance of stopping the tyrannical general and his massive army.”

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