Messiah Season 2 Release Date And What Is Storyline?


Do you believe in miracles? Do you think God is watching all these things happening down here and when the time comes he will descend to save us? We are not saying we have the answers to your divine doubts, but Netflix always has something for everybody. 

Netflix’s Messiah puts you on a thriller ride around the return of Jesus and how the modern world might interpret it. But of course, it wouldn’t be just that because we humans are not so plain in the matters of our beliefs. The show only has a single season as of now. Let’s check out what the future holds for our Messiah. 

What About The Second Season of Messiah

The show received some mixed reviews and an average rating on popular review aggregator sites by the critics. Even before the show actually streamed, the trailer was not very well received by some Muslim audiences. Netflix was also asked not to stream it in Jordan, citing provocative and controversial subject matter. 

The bottom line is, the show stands cancelled.

 However, there are several other reasons for a show to be cancelled not necessarily the above-mentioned one.

Are There Any Chances For A Season 2? 

Maybe yes, maybe not. These instances keep happening with a lot of shows industry-wide, but it’s not always the end of the story. It is quite common for shows to be picked up by some other product or the show moves to another platform. However, no such reports exist for the Messiah. 

Messiah: Storyline

The story follows a man who preaches around in Damascus asking people to have faith and gradually gains following by hundreds of people. He is later called by the name al-Masih. 

He is later under investigation for the mystery behind his powers and illegally jumping borders ending up in the United States. 

Season 2 might witness al-Masih’s global recognition and his follower base expanding. Whether this turns out to be a good thing or bad thing, only season 2 will tell.