Legend Of The Blue Sea Season 2 Renewal Status And All Updates

If you love Korean dramas and you have not watched Legends of the Blue sea then you are missing a gem. This masterpiece has gained a huge fan following which is forcing officials to launch another season.

The Legend Of Blue Season is a 2016 South Korean television series created by Park Young-soo.

The show follows the love story of Kim Dam-ryeong a Con – artist, and Se-Hwa a mermaid who travels across the ocean to find the love of her life (Dam – rung).

Apart from this the show also covers several aspects of rebirth, fate, and unrequited love.

The show takes its inspiration from a very famous classic Korean historical tale written by Joseon.

The first season of the show was released on 16th November 2016 on the South Korean channel called SBS.

Renewal Status of Seaon 2

As a matter of fact, we do know that the first season of the show was released on 16th November 2016. The first season itself consisted of 20 episodes.

The show finally came to an end in January 2017. The first season itself was a huge success. Due to its unique and adorable plotline and charismatic cast, the show gained a lot of popularity and had a huge fan base.

And ever since the first season ended in 2017 the fans have been eagerly waiting for a Season 2. But it’s been three years since the first season ended.

The makers as of this date haven’t made any announcement pertaining to its Season 2. This has been causing quite a stir among the fans.

Also, there are plenty of rumours surfacing on the internet that the show has been concluded with Season 1 itself. But a majority of the fans are against this theory.

Well, whether or not has the show ended, or is it coming with an all brand new Season 2. That we will only come to know when the makers finally decided to break their silence.

There is no official announcement regarding the renewal of season 2, and if it gets renewed then we can not expect it before 2022.

So, until then all we can do is wait patiently for any new updates about this our beloved show.

Who’s In Cast?

If Season 2 of the much-awaited Legend Of The Blue Sea does come any time soon. We can expect are two major casts once reprising their iconic roles which are the following:

  • Jun Ji – Hyun as Se – Hwa/ Shim Cheong
  • Lee Min-ho as Kim Dam – rung/ Heo Joon Jae