Kingdom Season 3 What Is Release Date? And More

Kingdom Season 3

In January of 2019, online streaming website,, added to their Kingdom another iconic Korean Show. It brought to us Kingdom, and we loved it!

We all know we can never turn down some good Korean entertainment. We love love, LOVE Korean dramas. But this is a game-changer. A whole new show that we didn’t even know we needed until we had it. And now we can’t do without it!

The kingdom is about a deceased king who now is rising again, unfolding with him a mysterious plague, a whole new breed never witnessed ever before, that begins to spread like wildfire. The prince must face a new wave of enemies he’s never battled with before- it’s what he must do in order to unveil the evil scheme and save his people.

Third Reign 

The second season of the show just dropped on Netflix in the early days of March of this year. Yep, right before the devilish coronavirus pandemic took over the world.

Kim Eun-hee has told The Hollywood Reporter that the ideas she has oozing out of her would require way more than just another season of the show. And from what we’ve seen of her ideas so far, we have no doubt that Netflix loves the new ideas as much as we have loved the current ones.

Kingdom: Season 3

We are all very well aware that Netflix weighs heavily on views in order to renew the shows on their website. Given that narrative, we have no doubt that this knock out the sensation of a show will get its rightful third season. But when? Well, that remains under wraps for the time being due to the awful CoVid- 19 pandemic. Whenever an update should come up about the third reign of terror, though, you know where to look!

Returning To Our Screens?

If and when the show returns to our screens, we will once again have our eyes graced by Ju Ji-hoon who plays Crown Prince Lee Chang, Ryu Seung-Yong as Cho Hak-Ju, Bae Doona as Seo-bi, and Kim Sung-kyu as Yeong-shin Jon.

Kingdom’s first season came in January 2019 and the second season came in March 2020, so we were expecting the show to return with season 3 in 2021. But due to coronavirus pandemic, it’s release can be delayed.

Should this cast return to us, the third season will most likely pick up where season two left off- seven years and a few months after the zombie outbreak. Should we expect a new disaster to take over? Or the second wave of Zombie-ism?

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