He-Man Movie Master Of The Universe Release Date & What’s Storyline?

If you have following the leaks and aka promos, you must have heard about this new He-Man Movie Master of The Universe! Yes, it’s been confirmed that their movie is said to soon make its way to screens; here are new updates on release date and what can we expect from the storyline in He-Man movie Master of The Universe.

For the people who don’t know He-Man movie Master of The Universe is a famous American based Animated franchise based on Mattel’s toy series on Masters of the Universe.

The show has been inspired and adapted from a famous character of the cartoon show namely, He-Man, who was one among the favourites of the 1980s kids.

However, this movie said to be a reboot version of the older He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series.

Release Date

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Talking about the release date for the movie, it’s been said that the film is expected to make its way to screens somewhere in 2021.

However, this news is yet to get another confirmation as due to the current outbreak of the coronavirus around the world has to lead the production of this movie to be stopped temporarily.

But, in a leaked poster of Sony which cleared show the release date for He-Man Movie Master of The Universe. Here the release date was 5th March 2021.

Still, we would recommend you to wait so that things get officially confirmed! Stay tuned to our site, PopCulturetimes.com as we will be surely updating you as soon as something new gets announced.

What’s Storyline?

If we talk about the storyline for He-Man movie Master of The Universe, it’s been said that the movie could be a REBOOTED version for its famous He-Man Master of The Universe series.

According to the sources, the storyline for the movie will be about He-Man who is stuck in a battle with Skeletor and his evil plans on the planet of Eternia.

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