Green Lantern Corps Release Date And What Is Storyline?

Green Lantern Corps

After the disastrous performance of Green Lantern in 2011, the character Green Lantern is going to be rebooted in the DC Extended Universe.

Green Lantern was the first live-action film on the DC Comics character and Ryan Reynolds played the role.

The film received negative reviews from critics and fans and was box office flop, grossing only $219 million against it’s $200 million budget. Sequels were planned for the film but were ultimately cancelled.

About the DCEU Green Lantern film:

Green Lantern has notably been absent in the DCEU. The Green Lantern Corps had a cameo in Justice League (2017) in a flashback sequence which showed them stopping Steppenwolf along with the Amazons.

The Green Lantern Corps film was first announced in 2014 by David S. Goyer. As of now, the film does not a director yet while the screenplay is being written by Geoff Johns, who wrote the screenplay for Green Lantern, Wonder Woman (2017), Aquaman (2018) and the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 (2020).

Who is in the cast?

Casting for the film hasn’t been done yet. There were reports that Ryan Reynolds was returning as the character. But due to the disappointing performance of the 2011 film, he has himself voiced his disappointment with the film, making it clear that will not return as the character. There was news that Tom Cruise was being considered for the titular character.

Christopher McQuarrie, who has collaborated with Cruise on numerous films had pitched a story to Warner Bros, but he is not moving forward with development as he and Cruise are busy with the upcoming Mission Impossible films. So at the moment, there are no cast members for the film yet.

When will the film release?

Green Lantern Corps

The film hasn’t started production yet, so it is a little difficult to project the film’s release date. At the moment, fans can only hope that the film starts production and releases soon.

Stay tuned for more updates!