Given Season 2 Release Date And What Is Storyline?

Given season 1 premiered in 2019, whereas the manga, it is adapted from was out back in 2014. After the show’s massive success on a global level, the makers decided to renew it for another season. We can hope to see Given season 2 soon.

Synopsis Of Given

The protagonist, Ritsuka Uenoyama, is the lead guitarist of a band and a high school student. The band has two other members- Akihiko Kaji, who is the drummer, and Haruki Nakayama is the bass guitarist. One day, Ritsuka runs into Mayufu, who helps him repair the strings of his guitar. They start getting to know each other more, and Ritsuka becomes the teacher of Mafuyu.

It does not take Ritsuka much time to realize that Mafuyu is a fantastic singer and would be a good part of their band. He gets to know Mafuyu better and understands that the guitar she plays is that of her boyfriend, who died because of suicide. The band starts preparing for a performance where Mafuyu is not ready with her song. She abruptly starts singing about her dead boyfriend, which sparks romance between Ritsuka and Mafuyu. After their performance, they kiss backstage.

The band’s name comes from the fact that Yuki, Mafuyu’s dead boyfriend, gives his guitar to her. The band is named “Given.” After their incredible performance, They go on further to reach greater heights.

Characters In “Given” Season 2

The actors who play a significant role in the anime are:
Ritsuka Uenoyama
Mafuyu Sato
Akihiko Kaji
Haruki Nakayama
Yuki Oshida

Release Date Of Given Season 2

The manga from which this series is adapted from has five volumes in total. The manga has been renewed for a new season, but there are no official announcements for a release date. We can hopefully see season 2 by 2021.