Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution 3 When Is Release Date And Latest Update

Adapting mangas a making them into movies or anime shows is a widespread phenomenon. The reason to do is due to the length of the manga which may not be ok with many people out there.

But a movie or an anime show briefs the content and give a clear established idea of manga. Eureka seven is a very famous manga, and this manga has been made into and 50 episode anime and two anime movies already. This article is about the third part of the trilogy.

The makers have reported that anime movie series is going to be extended for the third party. The third part of this anime movie series is said to be the last one in the series.

Here are all the details about the movie turned anime and let’s dive in for them.


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It’s a positive sign that the makers of the movie have confirmed the third part. The production of the last part of the trilogy has already started.

But the production might have been halted due to the effect of the Coronavirus. The movie was initially scheduled to release in 2019 but was postponed to 2021. And yet again it’s on the verge of postponement.

We will update this section as soon as we get clarity about the release date.


The movie is set a decade before the original timeline followed in the show. That means this movie series is a prequel for the anime show.

This show depicts a dystopian society situated somewhere in the future. Humans abandon earth as it s becomes inhabitant thoroughly after the advent if Scub Coral. The timeline is located in 12005, which is 10000 years after Earth’s inhabitance.

The humans start to live on a terraformed earth called as the land of Kanan. The story revolves around the 14-year son of Ardoc Thurston, Renton. It’s Ardoc who created Scub Coral to save the world.

Renton’s life gets changed when he encounters a giant mechanical robot called the Nirvash type ZERO and its pilot, Eureka. Then Renton learns about the robot and embarks his journey to change the fate of the world.

The movie timeline is different from the schedule of the anime. All who have not watched the anime might find difficulty in getting a firm idea of the movie.


All the characters for the previous movies are expected to reappear. The character list goes here by Renton Thurston, Eureka, Anemone.