Doctor Who Season 13 Release Date And Who Is In Cast?

Source: IMDb

In this pandemic situation, the real heroes are the Doctors and Nurses. Many people around the world have enjoyed a series based on doctors. The series first dropped in 1963. Probably for the 50+ years, it is making the audience always to get glued to the seats till the end of the episodes. It has still been making the viewers wait for the next episode and eventually next season. It is Doctor Who. Chris Chibnall has confirmed that there would be the thirteenth Doctor in the thirteenth season. So now it’s time for it.

When Can We Expect The Thirteenth Season Of Doctor Who To Release?

After giving a continuous hit with the 12 seasons, the team had geared up for another hit. We can expect the season to drop sometime in 2021 on BBC. They are in the initial phase of the shooting. So we can not expect much at the earliest. We will have to wait.

Who Are All Going To Be There?

A confirmed Doctor is Jodie Whittaker to stare as the thirteenth Doctor of the series. All we have got to know is that will we have all of the TARDIS group in this season because we are not much sure about it.

What Could Be The Plot Of The Thirteenth Season Of Doctor Who?

We are not much sure about the plot of season 13. But showrunner, Chris had already given us a hint that we had the clues for the future season available in the previous season. So thinking of it, we had the season 12 to conclude with the arrest and imprisonment of the Doctor. This gives room to get along with the TARDIS family. So we may have the reunion in this and other things that accompany the events.

Having much news in the future, we will have to wait. Stay tuned with us for the updates on Doctor who.