TV Shows Death Note Season 2 What Is Release Date? And More

Death Note Season 2 What Is Release Date? And More


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The Death Note franchise was first created in the manga magazine Sheen Jump. It appeared for 3 years. December 2003 to May 2006.

The manga has 108 chapters and has been published in 12 editions. Since October 3, 2006, Japan’s most popular animation adaptation has been shown. I also included 37 episodes. Madhouse has expanded its animated series with director Tetsuro Archie.

In addition to the animated adaptation, the lightweight novel is based on the Nijio Eisin series. A light novel was also published in 2006. Other Death Note franchises include three live-action films and a television drama, which were released in 2015.

Death Note: A series of short stories aired as New Generation. Subsequently, the fourth film debuted in 2016. Netflix has released the movie version of the manga series on August 24, 2017

Death Note Season 2: Release Date

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It’s been a decade since the start of Death Note Animation’s adaptation, but the question is whether fans will have another season.

The animation adaptation is unlikely to have another season. Various sequels have appeared, including live adaptation films and series. No official legal notice has been given about the reorganization of any part of the franchise. Fans may be disappointed for a while.

Death Note Season 2: Voice Artists

, Death Note Season 2 What Is Release Date? And More

If the franchise is renewed for a live-action adaptation series or film, the cast may be completely new. Fanfiction trailers and movies make the rounds. But we can see completely new faces. Characters in the lightweight Yagami, El Joliet, Ryuk, Meisa Amane and Neer Manga series.

Former cast members from the live-action adaptation:

  • Mascot Kubota played the Light Yagami
  • Kendo Yamazaki plays El Loliet
  • June voiced by Fukushima Ryuk
  • Mio Yi .Ki Nat River played
  • Hinako played the role of Sino Misa Amne
  • Yitaka Matsushige Sichiro plays Yagama
  • Seiko Yagami plays Rico Fujiwara
  • Goki Maida plays Taki Matsuda

Death Note Season 2: Plot

Since it is based on the Death Note manga series, if it is renewed for season 2, it can be followed. We may see some new twists. But it totally depends on how one’s write the script.

The original storyline of Death Note revolves around Yagami. He was a young man and a genius. She stumbled upon a supernatural notebook and was asked to come from another world. The book is called “Death Note”.

Death Note originally from Rook. The book has the power to give the user the right to kill anyone. The person’s name should be written on the book pages. Additionally, the series includes attempts to use the Yagami Death Note. According to him, these people are considered morally unfit for life. He wants to transform the crime-free world into a utopian society. To do all this, Yagami takes the nickname “Kiyara”.

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