Cowboy Bebop Live Action Season 1 Release Date & What’s Storyline?

Cowboy Bebop Live Action Season 1

Netflix is running high on Japanese content right now. With more and more anime added to the list every day, it doesn’t stop there. A few animes have seen live-action versions recently, and all of them have run successfully. To continue on this trend, the live series version of Cowboy Bepop is underway.

When is the series releasing its latest version?

The anime was aired way back in the 1990s and was a massive hit then with its diverse plot and animation. The latest live-action version was confirmed and is in the production stage right now. But to date, there is no information on the exact release date.

What is the state of production for the series?

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, almost all series and movies have seen a halt in production. This is also the case with Cowboy Bepop. To add to the delay, one of the leads had met with an accident and cannot continue.

What is the expected storyline of the series?

The plot of the series is set in the future where humans have left Earth and colonized the solar system. Earth has become inhabitable, and the population is spread across different planets.

With an increase in people comes an increase in crime. A law enforcing, criminal-fighting set of cowboys are the main bunch the show focusses on. They help safeguard the civilians from criminals and aid in keeping the planets safe.

Who are the cast members for the show?

Information on the members of the cast is still minimal, and not much is revealed by the creators. Although the situation is tight-lipped, we know a few names that are sure to be a part. Spike Spiegel, Alex Hassell, Danielle Pineda, Mustafa Shakir are some of those. To know more, all we can do is wait for a trailer or teaser.


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