Candyman: Release Date And What Is The Storyline?


There’s a new film coming to town, and you have to be sure to check out because it’s been directed by the fun-loving comedy legend, Jordan Peele. Everyone wants to know what take Peele has taken as he moves over to the horror genre with this new film. It’s been called to be the ‘spiritual sequel’ of the 1992 film. Here’s all that we know about it.

Release Date

The trailer of this movie dropped in June this year. The film is slated to release on 25 September later this year in the USA and UK. 

What’s The Storyline?

The original movie of 1992 was made to be a film on black representation in the horror genre. The story would revolve around an old wife’s tale of a killer with a hook for a hand coming true. A couple has a chance encounter with a veteran of the neighborhood they’ve recently moved into only to have a world of insanity terror unleash with a set of paintings. 

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