Can Netflix’s How To Get Away With Murder Return With Season 7?

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How To Get Away With Murder is an American legal drama TV show which ran for six seasons. Unfortunately, the sixth season of the show was the finale, so we have extremely disappointing news for all the fans because the show is not returning for another season.


Before we get into the new details, let’s have a quick chat about the show, shall we?

How To Get Away With Murder premiered in late September of 2014, and was quick to get hold of a large and ever-growing fan base. The show is addictive- once you’ve watched, you’re hooked. There’s no going back.

The legal drama thriller centre around Annalise Keating. A noble and brilliant woman. Also a criminal defence lawyer and professor. She teaches a group of aspiring law students, in the midst of which their lives are suddenly left altered forever after they get entangled in a deviant, twisted murder.

Coming Back For More?

The latest season, season six, just completed airing in early May of this year, right amid the coronavirus pandemic. The show is not returning for another season.

So what does that mean for Annalise and her students? Well, we all love the show immensely. There’s no doubt of this. Unfortunately, it seems that the sixth season was our last, and the cast will be parting ways with us now.

Minor rumours roam the streets that Annalise may get another fifteen episode season for a justified conclusion. But as of now, those remain just that- rumours. We hope to hear soon that the stories aren’t just that, but being smack in the middle of the coronavirus mentioned above pandemic makes the possibility of such an announcement nothing but a far fetched idea.

In July of 2019, it had already been announced that the show would run six seasons long and that had been the plan from the beginning. So is the show coming back of more? It’s unlikely. But not impossible.

Bidding Farewell

In all likelihood, the show has already met its end this year. Let’s take a look at who we’re bidding farewell to:

Viola Davis as Annalise KeatingBilly Brown as Nate LaheyJack Falahee as Connor WalshAja Naomi King as Michaela PrattMatt McGorry as Asher MillstoneCharlie Weber as Frank DelfinoLiza Weil as Bonnie WinterbottomConrad Ricamora as Oliver HamptonKarla Souza as Laurel CastilloAlfred Enoch as Wes Gibbins, and Amirah Vann as Tegan Price.