Black Mirror Season 6 Release Date And What Is Storyline?

Black Mirror is returning with its new Comedy and fictional sequence back to Netflix! Yes, you guessed it right, Black Mirror Season 6 is coming. Here are complete details on the release date and the storyline for Black Mirror Season 6.

Release Date

The previous and the fifth season for the series made a huge hit in Netflix but certainly, it ended with a cliffhanger leaving all the fans to wait for the new season.

And it’s been reported that the product works for the sixth new season for Black Mirror series have has not stared due to the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic around the world.

However, even without a production start, we have few sources say that the release date for Black Mirror Season 6 could lie somewhere in 2021! As mentioned, this release date is been speculated not officially confirmed, so let’s wait for that.

We will surely be updating you as soon as things get confirmed! Until that, stay tuned to our site, to get more updates in the future.

What Is the Storyline?

The previous season for the Black Mirror series left us with a cliffhanger and also that many of the fans are quite excited to know what will happen on the seventh new season for the series.

Although, the details on the storyline for Black Mirror Season 6 are not yet confirmed by the showrunners or even the scriptwriters.

But, if we go with sources, it’s been speculated that the storyline for the new season will be focussing more on the crisis happening in the everyday life of humans like addiction to the internet.

And not only the internet, maybe we might get to see the other dark side of this modern era which has put the lives of all us humans in danger.

However, if you love watching Science fiction and you haven’t watched Black Mirror yet!  Then, don’t wait much and start binge-watching it, for sure you will love it.