Akira Release Date & Who Is In The Cast?

Let us get into all the information and updates we have on Akira’s scheduled release date and who is in the upcoming cast.

When is the Release Date for Akira?

Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi’s upcoming big-budget project, a live-action version of the beloved manga series Akira, finally has an air date, The Wrap reports May 21st, 2021.

Waititi’s project, which was being distributed by Warner Bros., was first announced in the year 2017. The official news came just before Waititi’s first major blockbuster film, Thor: Ragnarok was released.

The project also has the backing of original manga author Katsuhiro Otomo. Otomo told Forbes in 2017 that even though he was prepared to step away from Akira, he is okay with other people adapting his work.

Akira: Updates 

Recent live-action adaptations of the famous manga and anime haven’t really gone as per the plan. Netflix’s Death Note was informed by the critics for not realizing the tone of the source information, and Rupert Sanders’ live-action adaptation of Ghost in the Shell was too dependent on the original anime film to the point that it didn’t work.

Ghost in the Shell also had to face backlash for casting Scarlett Johansson, with the studio facing accusations of whitewashing.

Fans are a bit sceptical, but Waititi has more than proved since the official news that if any director can do it, it has to be him. Thor: Ragnarok was very well praised, and set Waititi up as a director not worried about taking on a project or franchise with such a strong built-in fan club.

Though even he proposed in 2018 that he hadn’t “really started to get my head around it yet.”

It’s too soon to say what Waititi’s Akira will look like, but keeping in mind the director’s history, it may be safe to feel optimistic. Warner Bros. certainly is. When it airs on May 21st, 2021, Akira will have to go head to head with an untitled Marvel movie and John Wick 4.

Akira Cast: Who can we potentially expect to be a part of the Cast?

Several actors have been considered for main roles throughout the development of the project.

By May 2011, Andrew Garfield, Robert Pattinson, and Michael Fassbender were met with for the role of Tetsuo, while Garrett Hedlund, Fassbender, Chris Pine, Justin Timberlake, and Joaquin Phoenix were being considered for the role of Kaneda.

Keanu Reeves was also being courted to star. Gary Oldman and Helena Bonham Carter were offered the roles of The Colonel and Lady Miyako, respectively.

For the rest, we will have to wait for the release date of the film in order to make accurate opinions and comments on the future of the movie.

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