Can’t Decide Which Bike/Car Is Best For You? Anoj Kumar’s Auto Freak Is Here To Help

Anoj Kumar, founder of web portal under his firm Shaurya Infosoft Private Limited is a self-made business entrepreneur who made it to the top with his hunger for learning and hard work. Despite having no financial support from his family, he started an automobile review portal aiming to help people with genuine and authentic reviews of cars and bikes.

The sole purpose of is to provide visitors with an honest and accurate review of all the latest cars and bikes available in the market. The team of experts analyzes every aspect of a particular car and bike before they start reviewing the product. They spend lots of time checking each part of the vehicle comparing it to all the counterparts available in the market.

Once the latest car and bike have undergone standard testing, the review starts in detailed shedding lights on interior/exteriors, engines, power, heat management and pricing, and several other details. Detailed and authentic reviews allow visitors to know which is best for them. Once they have a clear vision, they can go and buy their dream car or bike.
Not only cars and bikes, if you are having trouble with parts of your vehicle, then also you can visit to know which part of which brand you should buy. The website has a wide range of reviews of components and parts of several cars and bikes. In short, is a one-stop destination for anyone who loves cars/bikes or looking to buy one. No matter what is your budget, you can visit the portal and get the best value of your money.

On being asked about, Anoj Kumar said, “When a customer looking for cars or bikes they read many reviews and comparison articles online about it because it involves a good amount of money and some people spend their whole saving in buying it. The motto behind is to provide genuine and authentic reviews and details about cars and bikes which help them in decision making. Research in 2016 says, 70% of buyers read at least one online review before deciding to buy a car.”

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