Will Netflix’s German Drama Dark Return With Season 4?

Dark Season 3
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“The end is the beginning, and the beginning is the end” after watching the third, and final season, viewers must have understood this line, how perfectly writer and director justified this line.

Dark is a science fiction thriller German Drama. Baran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese created the show together with the same enthusiasm. The location for the shoot was Germany.

Baran Bo Odar gave his skills of Direction to this show where Jantje Friese and Baran Bo Odar wrote the plot of the show.

This show is beyond the imagination of traditional science drama, and here you can see a family rift with time travel and multiple universe concept. You will see a theme beyond your imagination because both writers tried to take the audience to another level of family drama. 

The storyline of Dark Series So Far

The storyline of The Dark series moves around four families. In this show, you’ll have great experience of time travel, multiple universes, and complicated consequences of a slight change in timelines.

The Dark is a story of complicated connected events in which children started getting disappear from a fictional place in Germany. All the stories plotted in a fictional village Winden in Germany.

This show starts with the fractured relationships of families and the two lives of every single character in the first season. In the first season, we saw the concept of time travel and confusing relations of different characters.

The second season of the show added a new concept to the series, and it introduced the idea of multiple reality. You can see two different realities Adam’s world and Eva’s World. These two worlds can also create some confusion.

The Third season explained why we used to see three realities on our screen at the beginning of every episode. We don’t want to spoil your show, so you can watch the series and figure it out.

Will Dark return with another season?

No, the series has ended with season 3, the story has ended. There will not be any future season of The Dark as Director Baran has confirmed on his social media account, where he wrote that it would be the final season of their journey. 

Odar has confirmed on his Instagram account that their journey has ended, and he wrote many lines in his farewell message to fans, followers, his colleagues, cast, and crew. He added that it was a beautiful journey, and now we are stopping the journey. He thanked all the team members and Netflix.