Undying Release Date & What About Gameplay?

Fans have been dying to know about the upcoming Undying game for a long time (pun intended). The zombie survival game has garnered a lot of hype from gamers all around the world.

The game it the property of Vanimals Technology Company Limited and shows interesting and vivid gameplay.

Let’s dive in to find out all that we know about the news related to Undying and its gameplay.


Destiny 2's Season Of The Undying Adds Vex Activity - GameSpot

Vanimals released a trailer for their new game, Undying as Indie Obscura Expo 2020.

The game was initially set to release this year, but due to ongoing coronavirus, the game is now due till 2021.

The game is due to come out on platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC via steam 2021.


Here is the overview of the game, via Vanimals that was released in the Expo 2020

“Infected by a zombie bite, Anling’s days are numbered. She must now fight to survive, not for herself but her young son, Cody. Ensure Cody’s survival in a zombie-infested world by protecting him and teaching him valuable skills, at any cost.

In this emotional survival game take control of Anling whose goal is to make sure her son Cody is safe and can live on after she turns. Limited resources must be managed to slow down Anling’s infection while also making sure both Anling and Cody do not starve from hunger or thirst.

Online must also teach her son essential survival skills such as cooking, crafting and combat before hers begin to fade. She might find that in certain situations, she will start depending on him.

A perfect balance of managing your days looking for resources and increasing Cody’s skill set will be needed to survive the long journey.”

Stay tuned with us to remain updated about every news about Undying.



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