Tunic Release Date & What About Gameplay?

The tunic is an upcoming action-adventure game. What’s quite remarkable about the game is that it is single-handedly developed by a Canadian indie developer Andrew Shouldice. Shouldice said he was mainly inspired by “certain classic triangle-seeking games,” which quite obviously was a reference to the popular game The Legend of Zelda. While developing the game, Finji took an interest in it and became its official publisher.

Tunic, previously known as Secret Legend, was featured during Microsoft’s presentation at E3 2018, making further announcements on the game. So, let’s find out how soon we can lay our hands on the game and other details. 

When Will Tunic Release?

TUNIC on Steam

The game was initially meant for a release in 2019 but was later pushed back to July 1, 2020. Since we’repast that day, there seems to be no official release date for the game. We certainly hope it will release before the year-end, maybe an early Christmas release. 


Tunic takes a unique and fascinating minimalistic storytelling, which is quite puzzling and challenging at the same time. It will have no in-game dialogues, only texts written in some indecipherable language. It will be played from an isometric point of view with the camera slightly tilted while battling enemies. 

Shouldice says the game is meant to be explored as a place you don’t fully recognize. Maybe the game wants the player to be curious and find the purpose of the game while diving into the game. 

The player plays as a small fox with a weapon, wakes up in a strange place that he isn’t familiar with. The surroundings appear to be home to some ancient civilization now in ruins. We encounter enemies on our way ahead in the game, ultimately facing a black dog-like creature wearing a robe and a tricolored symbol. 

Overall, Tunic seems to be an amazing game with stunning visual details and cute animation. 

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