GamingTransformers: Battlegrounds Release Date & What About Gameplay?

Transformers: Battlegrounds Release Date & What About Gameplay?

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Transformers is one of the most popular franchises in the entertainment industry. It is also one of the top revenue-generating franchise with action figures, merchandise, and a few other things. Second, to the movie series, the interactive entertainment division also serves as one of its major revenue sources. 

A new game is up and coming from the franchise titled Transformers: Battlegrounds. Developed by Coatsink, the game will be published by Outright Games. Earlier games from High Moon Studios’ Cybertron series and Platinum games’ transformers: Earth Wars were a massive success. Since we’ll have to wait a bit for a live-action film, a game at this point seems to be rightly timed. Let’s dig deeper into the latest updates on the game. 

When Will It Release? 

Transformers Battlegrounds to roll out on to Xbox One, PS4, Switch ...

The toymaker giant Hasbro, which is also the maker of the Transformers action figures, recently announced the new game for “kids and fans of all ages.” It is set to release later this year on 23rd October. 

Transformers: Battlegrounds Story and Gameplay

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The upcoming game will the first console game in the last five from the franchise. It was described as a “tactical warfare adventure” game. The basic plot for the game will revolve around Bumblebee and the other main Autobots going against the evil Megatron as he heads their way to lay his hands on Allspark. The setting for the game will be focused on major locations in the Transformers universe like Central City and Cybertron. 

Outright Games also remarked that the game would bring 

“the timeless, legendary war between Decepticons and Autobots to life in a never before seen way.” 

Which Devices Can Play The Game? 

The game announced revealed it would support all three major consoles, which include the PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch along with PC. Since the two upcoming consoles from Sony and Microsoft support backward compatibility, things look bright for the future of the game. 

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